What time will Cunard’s Queen Victoria cruise ship leave Tyne port on Sunday


It’s a sight that stirs the hearts of young and old, Cunard’s cruise ship Queen Victoria. It arrived on the River Tyne on April 10 and stirred memories of the area’s industrial past when impressive ships were commonplace on the river.

So when the liner arrived in port on Sunday morning, it was no surprise that throngs of people gathered along the banks to watch its cruise pass by. And if you want to say goodbye to him affectionately, you better go back this afternoon.

The ship’s estimated departure time from Northumbrian Quay is shown on the Port of Tyne website now like 4 p.m. today. After returning from a winter in Barbados, the luxury vessel will make its maiden voyage from Southampton on April 27.

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Marking her return to sailing for the first time in Cunard’s 2021/22 itinerary, Queen Victoria will sail with three new round-trip itineraries from Southampton visiting 11 countries.

The 294m long liner is capable of carrying more than 2,000 passengers as well as 980 crew members.

cruise ship on her last morning on the Tyne” content=”https://i2-prod.chroniclelive.co.uk/incoming/article23769147.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_Cunards-Queen-Victoria-cruise-ship-on-her-last-morning-on-the-Tyne.jpg”/>
Cunard’s Queen Victoria cruise ship on her last morning on the Tyne

On board, passengers have access to a full theatre, ballroom, traditional pub, champagne bar and club with 270 degree sea views. There is also a spa and gym, a swimming pool, a large solarium and an incredible library of 6,000 books.

After setting sail this afternoon, ship watchers can watch her depart from Royal Quays Marina, North Shields, or watch her exit the mouth of the Tyne into open waters from Tynemouth or South Shields.

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Cunard’s Queen Victoria cruise ship on her last morning on the Tyne

It was 2019, the Queen Victoria was making her first visit to the Port of Tyne as part of a 12 night voyage around the British Isles. She was greeted by a piper from Northumbria to celebrate her first port call.

This ship’s sister ship, the Queen Elizabeth, entered the harbor in October last year, and people once again showed up to watch it go by.

On May 15, the Queen Victoria will begin her tour of Western Europe, with an overnight stopover in Lisbon and a stopover in Vigo, on the northwest coast of Spain.

Cunard's Queen Victoria cruise ship on her last morning on the Tyne
Cunard’s Queen Victoria cruise ship on her last morning on the Tyne

Meanwhile, her sister ships Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth will also sail to destinations across Europe, America and the Caribbean.

There is more information on https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/overseas-escapes


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