Waterjet speedboat for fun and research


There are a lot of clichés about the dangers of boat ownership. “The two best days in a boat owner’s life are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it” immediately comes to mind, for example, but there is an escape from a chasm otherwise Bottomless Boat Ownership: Build a small robotic speedboat instead of owning the full-size version. Not only will you save a lot of money and frustration, but you can also use your 3D printed boat as a base for educational and research projects.

The self-contained speedboats have a modular hull design to make them easy to 3D print, and they use waterjet for propulsion, which improves their reliability in shallow waters and reduces the likelihood that they will crash. entangle on anything or injure an animal or human. The platform is specifically designed to be able to host any of a wide range of sensors to allow people to easily perform automated tasks in bodies of water such as pollution monitoring, research and salvage and various inspections. A monohull version with a single jet was first prototyped, but eventually a double-hulled catamaran with two jets was produced, which improved the stability and reliability of the rig.

All the files needed to start your own self-contained (or remote-controlled) speedboat are available on the project page. The creators hope that this platform will meet a wide variety of needs and that a community will be created of technology enthusiasts, engineers and researchers working on autonomous marine robotic platforms. If you’d rather ditch the motor, we’ve also seen a few self-contained sailboats used for research purposes.


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