Viking announces new ocean cruise ship, the Viking Saturn



Viking Saturn, Viking’s newest ocean-going vessel, will join the cruise company’s award-winning fleet in early 2023. Passenger ship 930 will spend its inaugural season sailing three new Scandinavian and Nordic routes, including two 15-day voyages , iconic Iceland, Greenland and The Arctic Explorer of Canada, Iceland and Norway, and a 29-day trip to Greenland, Iceland, Norway and beyond.

In addition to the three new routes, Viking also announced today that the popular 8-day Icelandic Natural Beauty Route will be reintroduced in August 2023.

“The thousands of guests who made our welcome trip to Iceland last summer enjoyed the experience so much that they achieved record ratings,” said Torstein Hagen, President of Viking. “These new routes are ideal for curious travelers and trace the routes of early Viking explorers to Iceland and other North Atlantic destinations known for their natural beauty. We look forward to welcoming Viking Saturn to our fleet and offering customers even more ways to comfortably explore this unique part of the world. “

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The 2023 New and Return Nordic Routes include:

Iconic Iceland, Greenland, and Canada (NEW): Iceland, Greenland, and the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are all included on this 15-day itinerary. Guests will admire the volcanic landscape of the Westman Islands while cruising between New York and Reykjavik, as well as experience Djpivogur’s leisurely pace of life and stroll through the streets of quaint villages like Seydisfjördur and Akureyri.

The Arctic Explorer of Iceland and Norway (NEW): Guests will experience life in the High North on a 15-day adventure that takes them across the Arctic Circle and along the remote coasts of Norway and Iceland. After spending the night in Bergen, Viking Saturn’s home port, continue in the footsteps of the Vikings by visiting the remote North Cape of HonningvÃ¥g and exploring Longyearbyen, where there are more polar bears than inhabitants .

Greenland, Iceland, Norway and beyond (NEW): Customers can combine these two new itineraries for an exciting 29-day trip. Guests will travel from Bergen through the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Iceland and Greenland, before traveling to Canada and ending in New York.

Natural Beauty of Iceland: This popular 8-day round-trip cruise from Reykjavik visits the beautiful coastlines of Iceland and returns in 2023. Passengers on Viking Star will enjoy unparalleled natural splendor, including waterfalls and superb fjord landscapes. Follow in the footsteps of intrepid explorer Leif Eriksson, observe local wildlife and dive into the great outdoors.



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