Video captures mad hippo chasing tourists on speedboat


A terrifying video captured the moment a rampaging hippo recently gave a group of tourists on a speedboat a run for their money on the Zambezi River in Zambia.

A tourist recorded the lopsided ungulate charging him and his friends on May 23 in what appears to be the beast’s equivalent of a butterfly stroke, the South West News Service reported.

“It all started with a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambia. We admired a group of hippos near our boat as we descended to the lodge, ”said the tourist, who wished to remain anonymous.

“I pulled out my phone to record them in their natural habitat with the beautiful sunset over the Zambezi in the background. As we walked past the hippos, we noticed one sinking in. We didn’t know it was coming directly for us, ”he said.

A group of tourists took a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River and observed a group of hippos.
Video of a hippo chasing a boat.
A hippopotamus submerged and resurfaced, rushing towards the boat.
Video of a hippo chasing a boat.
The hippopotamus chased the tourists for about 200 meters.

“As soon as he pierced the water we knew he wasn’t going to stop until we got out of his way – he kept chasing us for about 200 yards until we can get to safety, ”he added.

On average, hippos – which can grow up to 16 feet long and weigh more than 3,300 pounds – are responsible for the deaths of around 500 people each year, according to the report.

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