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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – The sailboat moored in slip 638 at Ala Wai Marina sports a dark red sail with a large white peace symbol and a name interesting the Golden Rule.

“It’s 39 feet in total by the time you count the bowsprit,” said Helen Jaccard, of the Veterans for Peace “Golden Rule Project”.

The sailboat first sailed to Oahu in 1958.

At the time, led by a handful of Quaker peace activists, the Golden Rule was traveling to the Marshall Islands to protest the US nuclear weapons testing.

“The United States had dropped 67 nuclear bombs on the Marshall Islands. They were heading there to stop it,” Jaccard said.

Renie Lindley, the former director of Hawaii Peace and Justice, was a 14-year-old schoolgirl when she and her father met the team in Honolulu.

“They were reacting to the events that occurred in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Marshall Islands during this period,” she said.

The golden rule has never been made for the Marshalls. Before it could start, the Coast Guard arrested the sailors and returned the sailboat to the Ala Wai.

Honolulu resident Bob Broderick helped guard the boat until the crew were released from prison.

“I don’t remember having any visitors other than the folks at the Quaker meeting who were very supportive of the boat’s efforts,” he said.

The incident caught the world’s attention.

“It was all pretty important because it led to all of these protests against nuclear weapons,” Jaccard said.

The golden rule would later sink in a storm in California. But a few years ago she was refloated, restored and put back on track.

Now the sailboat is homeported in Humboldt Bay in Northern California. This is a 15 month trip to the Pacific that began in July in San Diego.

Veterans for Peace directs the ship to the Marshall Islands to complete the journey that began 61 years ago and continue the ship’s anti-nuclear efforts.

“We are promoting the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons,” Jaccard said.

The goal is to have the Golden Rule docked in Japan for next year’s 75th remembrance of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Veterans for Peace is trying to raise $ 5,000 to support the trip to the Marshall Islands. Click here for more information and to help you.

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