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Celebrity Cruises recently unveiled the newest addition to its extensive line of luxury cruise ships — Celebrity Beyond℠. The ship has just returned from her maiden voyage and we get a glimpse of all her amenities, onboard entertainment and dream destinations. See for yourself!

Celebrity Beyond is the third installment in the Edge® series from Celebrity Cruises, which began with Celebrity Advantage® and Celebrity Summit℠. While Beyond has all the elements travelers love about the Edge series – including delicious cuisine, stylish suites, The Retreat® and plenty of indoor and outdoor living spaces – Celebrity Cruises made a few changes when creating Beyond.

“Some of the changes included lengthening the ship by approximately 20 meters,” says Dondra Ritzenthaler, senior vice president of sales for the Americas at Celebrity Cruises. “Then we also extended the ship by a bridge. The name ‘Beyond’ made sense because we went beyond that.

Unlike other Retreat sequels in the Edge series, The Retreat on Celebrity Beyond is two levels instead of one. When staying at The Retreat, guests can enjoy a separate area for getting on and off the ship as well as their own lounge, restaurant and pool deck.

The ship itself can accommodate over 3,000 passengers, offers nearly 2,000 staterooms, and is approximately 1,000 feet long. “When you hear those numbers, you might think, ‘It’s like that’s big,'” says Dondra, “but the way the ship is designed is so magnificent, and it’s created in such a beautiful way. that even when the ship is full, it doesn’t feel like it.

Dondra adds that one of the reasons Beyond and all Edge Series ships stand out from other cruise ships is their unique design. In fact, Celebrity Cruises looked to designers who aren’t typical cruise ship designers when creating Beyond. Kelly Hoppen, CBE, an award-winning British interior designer, designed the pool deck and Rooftop Garden Grill, while American interior designer Nate Berkus created the Sunset Bar.

“We gave these amazing designers different places around the ship and said, ‘Listen, build it like you would if you were building a house or a hotel,'” says Dondra. “That’s the beauty of it – when you get on the ship, you don’t feel like just one person created it…it flows so well from space to space .”

Villa Edge on Celebrity Beyond

Exclusive to the Edge Series, Edge Villas offer ocean views and two floors of luxury living.

Rendering of the Sunset Bar on Celebrity Beyond℠

The Sunset Bar is a popular spot when Beyond enters or exits a port, as it’s at the rear of the ship and offers unobstructed views of everything around you.

Just back from a trip on Celebrity Beyond, Dondra can talk first-hand about the beauty of the ship and its spaces. “From the first minute you step onto this ship, you feel how special it is, how beautiful and open it is, and how every little detail has been done in such a magnificent way,” says- she. “It’s about feeling joyful in a comfortable, luxurious place.”

This blend of comfort and luxury extends throughout the entire ship. Starting with the Grand Plaza, a three-story gathering space inspired by Italian piazzas, guests can relax while enjoying a refreshing cocktail from the nearby martini bar. During your stay, pay special attention to the bartenders who serve you your drink. They’ve been known to line up martini glasses in an upside-down U shape and pour each martini (usually around 13 glasses!) without ever spilling a drop.

Depiction of the Grand Plaza on Celebrity Cruises' new cruise ship

The Grand Plaza is located in the heart of the ship, offering delicious martinis and space to relax and unwind.

It’s no surprise that Celebrity Beyond also offers plenty of opportunities to soak up breathtaking ocean views – the best places to do this include the Rooftop Garden or The Magic Carpet®. Unlike the other rooftop gardens in the Edge series, Beyond’s has been redesigned. It sits directly above the water’s edge, offering floating pools cantilevered above the sea. The Magic Carpet is equally stunning, rising 13 stories above sea level. from the sea while offering stunning ocean views, a full bar and space for live music.

In addition to close-up views of the ocean below, Beyond also has a handful of live entertainment options, including an air fountain designed by Daniel Wurtzel, floor projections, live theater performances, and a jazz show. Plus, be sure to visit Eden, the ship’s forest-inspired location, to experience Wonder at Eden, where you’ll encounter a new fusion of music, libations and interactive experiences like nowhere else at sea.

Aerial view of the Rooftop Garden on Celebrity Beyond℠

Beyond’s rooftop garden has been redesigned to offer pools that overlook the ocean and spaces for guests to host a private cocktail party.

Travelers on Beyond are guaranteed never to go hungry, as the ship offers 32 unique food and beverage experiences. In addition to 14 cafes, bars and lounges, the ship offers four main dining rooms serving everything from Tuscan cuisine to Norman, Cypriot and cosmopolitan cuisine. “Each of these areas has a different cuisine and a different vibe, so you don’t have to go to the same restaurant every night,” adds Dondra.

In addition to the main dining venues, Beyond also offers eight specialty restaurants, including chef Daniel Boulud’s first-ever restaurant at sea, Le Voyage. A mentor to Celebrity Cruises Vice President of Dining Operations, Cornelius Gallagher, Chef Daniel has created an exceptional restaurant that offers delicious food and wine pairings. Guests can also enjoy ocean-view dining at Magic Carpet, Asian fusion cuisine at Raw on 5, mouth-watering steak at Fine Cut Steakhouse, authentic French entrees at Grand Bistro, a gourmet barbecue at the Rooftop Garden Grill and an immersive family meal. friendly experience with Le Petit Chef. Additionally, if guests are part of AquaClass®, they can enjoy exclusive access to Blu Restaurant, and guests of The Retreat get access to Luminae.

Woman Eating Luminae Roast Lamb

While staying at The Retreat, guests can enjoy a delicious meal at Luminae. Pictured is the restaurant’s roast lamb.

When it comes time to explore dream destinations on earth, Beyond offers plenty of options for everyone. You can opt for a private trip with your own car, driver, and tour guide, or you can explore in small or full-size groups. “We have so many different shore excursion options you could do,” says Dondra. “You choose the one that suits you, your personality and your family, then you choose How? ‘Or’ What you do that.”

Right now, Beyond is in its current season in Europe, sailing through the Italian and French Rivieras. She will sail the Transatlantic this fall, stopping in places like Spain, Portugal and the Azores before sailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Caribbean in the fall and winter. (SB TIP: If you’re looking for a fun vacation during the holidays, Beyond offers a New Year’s itinerary for a trip to the Western Caribbean from December 26 to January 3!)

Man snorkeling in Bermuda surrounded by fish

Beyond’s transatlantic itineraries offer unique shore excursions, including snorkeling in the Bermuda Triangle.

Woman looking at the pre-Columbian Mayan ruins of Kohunlich

Beyond’s Caribbean itinerary hits hotspots like Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico, where travelers can explore the pre-Columbian Mayan ruins of Kohunlich.

A journey on Celebrity Beyond is filled with endless comfort, fun and luxury, and with a handful of routes to choose from, you are sure to find the one that suits you best. “Beyond delivers ‘new luxury’ so well because it’s beautiful in the way it’s designed,” says Dondra. “The whole ship is designed for that person who enjoys the finer things in life, and you’ll find it in every corner of the ship.”

This article is sponsored by Celebrity Cruises. All photography courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.


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