This insane ‘Hyper-Sub’ is half speedboat, half submarine



The best of both worlds.

If James Bond drove a amphibious motorcycle that transforms into a jet ski with the push of a button, then its villainous counterpart would certainly pilot this insanely unique craft that’s half underwater, half outboard.

HSP Technologies claims that its versatile Hyper-Sub, or Hyper-Sub MSV, underwater vehicle is the world’s first long-range outboard that is also a true submarine.

On the surface, two 480-horsepower inline-six diesel engines can propel the 45-foot vessel at a rapid speed of 35 mph. At its cruising speed of 30 mph, it can travel up to 500 miles.

Upon arrival at a “point of interest,” the Hyper-Sub can dive up to 1,200 feet. Submerged propulsion is provided by two 60 hp Innerspace thrusters capable of reaching a top speed of around 6.3 mph over a distance of 300 miles.

A crew can stay submerged comfortably for 12 hours and up to 96 hours in an emergency.

HSP Technologies offers a number of different cabin configurations. Single cabin configurations can comfortably accommodate a pilot and four passengers or a pilot and nine personnel with military-style seats. Two-cabin configurations that allow more storage are also available.

Along with the functionality of a traditional boat, the Hyper-Sub is also the first submarine that can launch into just three feet of water. Plus, it wouldn’t look out of place parked in Batman’s garage, so you’ve got that for you too.

HSP Technologies

Interested in taking this thing for a ride? Visit for more details.

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