The Viking Octantis cruise ship docks in Detroit for its maiden voyage on the Great Lakes


The Viking Octantis has docked in Detroit.

Say hello to the largest Great Lakes cruise ship to date: the Viking Octantis.

As Michigan continues to leverage its unique water systems as a unique source of recreation offered only in and around the state, cruise lines are investing more in Great Lakes tourism.

The latest addition to the cruise industry in the region is a liner that can accommodate 378 passengers and has 189 rooms. The Octantis is currently docked at Detroit’s Nicholson Terminal near the Ambassador Bridge.

Her docking on Tuesday won’t last long as the ship plans to depart around 2 p.m. today for Alpena and then Mackinac Island, before concluding her maiden voyage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Viking Cruises first announced that it will be planning Great Lakes excursions in early 2020.

Known for its European voyages and Viking explorations, the company has expanded into the United States with three different expeditions, all lasting eight days: from Toronto to Milwaukee, Thunder Bay, Ontario, to Milwaukee, and one from Milwaukee to Thunder Bay.

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Prices start at just under $6,000 per person.

While none of these routes include a Michigan port at the start or end, they will all require circumnavigating the state, offering plenty to look and see along the state’s coastline. The cruises will also pass through many iconic bodies of water surrounding the state.


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