The new cruise ship with the perfect amount of pump



During a dinner, the captain, Mariusz Szalek, revealed that he hopes the ship could, in the right environment, rely on wind power for 70% of the season. The results of a straw poll I conducted suggest that while environmental factors are taken into account by passengers, they are not a key factor in booking.

I told McGrory, who admitted he wasn’t sure how much Green Cruise would weigh on the booking, but that the line’s philosophy is that “the environment you work and play in is something. thing you want to protect ”.

On the last day, with all sails out to the east, the al fresco vibe of the trip took a turn. The waves grew fierce and dark, and the rain fell against the portholes. There was an activity program but I stayed in my cabin most of the time, sheltered from nautical patterns and dark wood veneers. I would have liked to climb up to the crow’s nest on the hottest days, so that the rays could sting my skin.

This winter, Soufriere Bay or the Grenadines may be the backdrop, and the musical fanfare may have a distant Caribbean melody, but this will certainly be the ship to see – as long as he will chase the sun away.

How to do

A seven night cruise on Golden Horizon (01473 932060; costs from £ 1,799 excluding flights. Depart Barbados every Thursday from December 9, 2021 to March 31, 2022.



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