The lakeside speedboat rides are breathtaking


Yes, I said ass.

Kick-ass is pretty much the only way to describe the feel of the wind on your face as you lean over and dive into the waves at blazing speeds. Spray swells you from all directions as you turn around and do full 360s in a massive boat powered by twin 1400 horsepower engines. Full-throttle turns and fun narration from the captain complete this brilliant lakeside display of the city.

I am of course talking about the Seadog. To be more precise, the new Extreme sea dog, the ultimate thrill ride at Navy Pier, one of many reasons to visit the city’s illustrious tourist hangout as the weather begins to rise (if it ever does, don’t is this not ?). Honestly though, it’s hard to believe a boat would have that much power, and it’s run by seasoned vets who are sure to give you value for your money time and time again.

If that sounds a little too edgy, don’t beat yourself up. The original Seadog still runs the length of town all the time, with commentary with a backdrop to the views and buildings that occupy our lake. It’s a little quieter, but not in terms of the architectural boat trips (which are great by the way).

If you are looking for a thrill or something else to do while visiting the pier, the lakeside speedboat rides are a great way to soak up the good weather, see the city, and get out. on the water. The boats run every day of the week. You can find a cruise that fits your schedule here.

And yes, they are still amazing.

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