The bodies of 2 residents found, a missing sunken sailboat



The Law Enforcement Division of the Department of Environmental Management is investigating a fatal boating incident that occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday in Greenwich Bay off the town of Warwick.

A 23-foot sailboat took on water and sank, and two unconscious victims were located. The victims were picked up by Marine Task Force boats and brought to the Oakland Beach boat launch.

Police Chief Col. Brad Connor said on Wednesday that a police boat and a fire boat with the dive team helped with the search. The DEM, Warwick Fire Department and Warwick Police continued to search the vessel on Wednesday morning.

According to an Oakland Beach resident, two drones were used to locate the craft.

According to DEM, the victims were Robert Puchta, 62, and Luann Cole, 66, both of Warwick.

The case is still under investigation by Environmental Police, Warwick Fire Department and Warwick Police.

According to Cole’s Facebook posts, the boat, named “Lobo’s Toy,” had been docked at Mid Cove Marina in Oakland Beach. While another report suggested the boat was on its maiden voyage when the crash occurred, Facebook posts indicate the boat was already out.



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