Sunken sailboat off Saanich Peninsula poses low pollution risk, Coast Guard says – Victoria News


An unoccupied sailboat that was seen sinking last week lies at the bottom of Patricia Bay, but officials said it posed a low risk of pollution.

A reader called Black Press Media on October 28 to report that the ship, which she said had been in the bay at least since the summer, appeared to be sinking in the storm.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Canadian Coast Guard said the roughly 50ft sailboat was currently beached off the western shore of West Saanich Road, just north of the Institute of Ocean Sciences pier. .

The Coast Guard received reports of a shard in the area of ​​the boat on Monday and a crew found an “unrecoverable shard” there. An environmental response assessed the vessel and found there was a low risk of it polluting.

The authority also works with the owner to help them meet their responsibilities under the Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act.

The Coast Guard said it has received information on numerous vessels following the recent storms and will process them as a priority.

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