Speedboat sinks after colliding with MSC Box Ship



Montreal Fire Department rescue boat (file image)

Posted on Jul 27, 2016 8:55 PM by

The maritime executive

[Brief] Boater missing on St. Lawrence River after pleasure craft hits moored container ship Mr. SC Diego at 10 p.m. Tuesday evening.

An observer at the scene told police he may have seen an individual on the boat. No one has been reported missing and a search with helicopters, surface craft and divers found no sign of the occupants of the boat.

Police are investigating various causes of the incident, including the possibility of suicide.

The 20-foot outboard appears to have struck the Diego at high speed, and the bow of the small craft was badly damaged; the boat sank after impact.

“All the front [of the speedboat] was found floating and subsequently sank, ”Fire Department spokesman John Primiani said, speaking to The Canadian Press. Fragments of the boat and a life jacket were also found.

The coast guard and local authorities are investigating and the search is expected to resume on Thursday. It will include more of the St. Lawrence, as the current may have carried objects from the scene for miles downstream.

From Wednesday evening, the 4,000 TEUs Mr. SC Diego remained moored at its berth on the river.



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