Speedboat rescued after blackout near Mulberry Harbor


A broken-down boat had to be rescued after being dragged more than a mile out to sea by the ebb tide.

The outboard had left Two Tree Island yesterday but suffered an engine failure as it approached Mulberry Harbor.

The Southend Coast Guard was made aware of the issue via their counterparts in Dover and were instructed to keep an eye on the ship while the RNLI began a rescue operation.

He launched a lifeboat from Southend Pier and was able to intercept the broken speedboat which was swept away by the ebb tide.

A Coast Guard spokesperson said: “The two people on board were then transferred to the safety of the lifeboat and towed back to Two Tree Island.

“We thank the skipper of the vessel ‘La Pêcheur’ who was in the area and stayed beside the damaged vessel while awaiting the RNLI.

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The coast guard was also called for reports of swimmers in distress around 9:30 p.m. yesterday.

The swimmers were spotted a mile offshore near Barge Pier in Shoebury, but were found unharmed ashore when the Coast Guard arrived.

It was later discovered that the people in the water were skilled paddleboarders and had enjoyed a late night paddle.

The Coast Guard were removed from their duties and the incident classified as a false alarm.

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