Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd ‘enjoys tragedy with twisted memories’


Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd is said to have written a twisted tale of the tragic drunken Thames crash that killed his rider Charlotte Brown, from his prison cell

Jack Shepherd would have written a memoir on the tragedy of the Thames

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd is accused of trying to profit from writing a book about the drunken Thames crash that cost him his life, it has been reported.

Former web designer Shepherd, 33, is serving a six-year sentence for causing the grossly negligent manslaughter of Charlotte Brown, 24, in December 2015, and a separate four-year term for attacking a barman.

He and Charlotte, who met via dating site OkCupid, dined at The Shard in London on a first date before Shepherd offered him a ride on his faulty speedboat.

Charlotte, from Clacton, Essex, drowned after being thrown from the boat when it hit a log.

Shepherd fled to Georgia and missed his trial, but was extradited after turning himself in to police.

Charlotte Brown tragically died in the Thames boating accident



Now he has published a book giving his views on the boat tragedy, which was rejected by the court, and is selling it for £3.99 on Amazon’s Kindle store, the Daily Mail reported.

It is claimed that he called the book fiction because the law prevents criminals from profiting from the narration of their deeds.

In the book, names and locations were changed, for example using Keith’s name for himself, while attempts to flog him in the newspapers were denied, the Mail said.

He was convicted for trying to profit from his crimes rather than accept his punishment with the book he allegedly wrote with the help of a friend.

Charlotte, from Clacton, Essex, drowned after being thrown from the boat



The memoirs are understood to have also bragged about Shepherd’s feminization and drug use.

And it’s not the first time Shepherd has tried to cash in on the tragedy, as he reportedly tried to strike a deal for a Netflix account before the filmmaker stepped down.

Charlotte Brown’s father Graham called the book an “insult” to his family.

He told the Mail: ‘He is a proven liar and another example of Shepherd trying to convince himself he is innocent.

Adding: “It’s another insult to the family, and I have no doubt Shepherd’s version in the book is a complete fabrication and full of lies.”

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