Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd ‘enjoys deadly Drunk Thames crash with sick £3.99 memoir written in jail cell’


SICK speedboat killer Jack Shepherd allegedly tried to cash in on fatal drunken Thames crash that claimed his date with a dastardly £3.99 memoir written behind bars.

Charlotte Brown, 24, was tragically thrown from her boat when it capsized on the freezing Thames in December 2015.


Charlotte Brown, 24, died when the speedboat crashed into the River Thames and threw her into the water
Jack Shepherd - who was jailed in 2018 - is said to have written a book about the tragedy


Jack Shepherd – who was jailed in 2018 – is said to have written a book about the tragedy

Shepherd had been drinking heavily before the shocking incident, while English Literature graduate Charlotte barely had a drop on their first date.

In harrowing footage, Charlotte – who died shortly after hitting the river after being submerged in cold water – could be heard screaming: “Oh my God, you’re going so fast.”

Shepherd was sentenced to six years in prison in 2018 after being found guilty of manslaughter in his absence.

But the ruthless killer has reportedly published a book about the horror incident which sets out his distorted version of events, according to the Daily Mail.

According to the outlet, he secretly wrote the book in his cell with the help of his best friend during prison visits – which they hope to use to earn money by whipping him for £3.99 using Amazon’s online Kindle store.

And to circumvent legal questions when the law prohibits criminals from profiting from the memoirs, the friends decided to call the book a “work of fiction”.

They simply changed the names of the people and places involved to jump through legal hoops, according to the Mail – with Jack swapped for Keith and his friend for Clive.

The original working title of the 207-page book was My Mate The Speedboat Killer, describing Shepherd’s use of Class A drugs and “jumence”.

A version of the sick memoirs which details the fatal crash has now been self-published on Amazon for Kindle readers.

The Prison Service has insisted that inmates are “never allowed to profit from their crimes” and that all necessary steps are taken to prevent this.

But this isn’t the first time the former Shepherd web designer has tried to cash in on the tragedy.

He previously tried to negotiate terms for a Netflix film about the fatal crash.

Story Films decided to stop pursuing the project after the BBC rejected its proposal.

Shepherd, was imprisoned for six years following Charlotte’s death, but he first fled before a trial at the Old Bailey and spent ten months in Georgia, from where he was later extradited.

Charlotte died on her first date with Shepherd during a late night boozy jaunt in the speedboat he bought to “shoot women”.

Shepherd’s UK case sparked outrage when The Sun revealed he had been granted taxpayer-funded legal aid to appeal his conviction while on the run for ten months.

Shepherd's faulty boat that crashed on the Thames


Shepherd’s faulty boat that crashed on the Thames

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