Seven protesters arrested after chaining themselves to a pink sailboat outside Governor Baker’s home


Seven people have been arrested after climate change protesters hoisted a pink sailboat with ‘Climate Emergency’ painted on the side outside Gov. Charlie Baker’s home in Swampscott and refused to budge, state police said.

Six people who chained themselves to the boat and a seventh person who sat on top of the boat were arrested, according to state police spokesperson David Procopio.

State police identified the protesters as Gregory Mangan, 69, of Somerville; Gerard Frank, 67, of Dudley; James Comiskey, 31, of Somerville; Jennifer Smith, 47, of Watertown; Dylan Sessler, 27, of Hampstead, NH; Allen McGonagill, 32, of Somerville; Nora Maynard, 38, of Turner Falls; and Alexander Chambers, 23, of Boylston.

All seven face charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing, Procopio said, and were brought to justice Tuesday afternoon in Lynn District Court. Each protester was released on personal commitment and ordered to stay 100 meters from the governor’s residence, to have no contact with the governor, and not to block the driveway or road on Monument Avenue in Swampscott , according to the Essex District Attorney’s Office.

The protest, led by Extinction Rebellion Boston and Sunrise Movement Boston, included a number of groups, spokeswoman Susan Lemont said.

She said the protesters wanted to draw attention to Baker’s decisions regarding energy projects in various areas, including a gas compressor station in Weymouth, a power plant in Peabody and an electrical substation in East Boston.

Protesters said in a statement that the projects not only clutter up communities, they put the world at risk due to the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming.

“We call on Massachusetts to be a leader in protecting the land, water, air and all life that lives there, and to implement real climate solutions,” said Mahtowin Munro, a American Indian activist United New England, in the statement.

Procopio wrote that protesters arrived around 7 a.m. with the pink sailboat and blocked Monument Avenue where Baker and his family live.

“Several protesters blocked a public road in Swampscott by chaining themselves to a large boat which they towed in front of the governor’s residence,” he wrote, adding that the soldiers responded and ordered the protesters to stop to block the street. “When they refused and continued to obstruct traffic, soldiers specially trained to fight civil unrest cut off the devices holding the demonstrators to the boat and took them into police custody. “

Baker’s press office did not respond to a request from The Globe regarding the location of the governor and his family when the boat arrived.

The group posted parts of their high-profile action on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A protester taken into custody outside the home of Governor Charlie Baker on Tuesday morning.WBZ-TV
Climate change activists from the Extinction Rebellion Boston group tied themselves to a pink sailboat which they parked outside Gov. Charlie Baker's home in Swampscott.
Climate change activists from the Extinction Rebellion Boston group tied themselves to a pink sailboat which they parked outside Gov. Charlie Baker’s home in Swampscott.WBZ-TV

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