Sen Bruce launches 7-day sea voyage to promote tourism and family bonding


A former senator representing Bayelsa East, Ben Murray-Bruce, introduced “Putting Africans Back on the Cruise” aimed at promoting tourism and deepening family ties on the continent.

The initiative aims to offer African families an alternative to pleasure and relaxation through sea travel.

A former managing director of the group, LEADERSHIP Nduka Nwosu, told reporters yesterday that the sea voyage is a collaborative effort involving Silverbird Entertainment Group, TheXperts based in the Democratic Republic of Congo/Rwanda as well as Royal Caribbean Nigeria.

Nwosu said Murray-Bruce, who is the lead, is ready to step into the memory and explain why he has something new to offer.

He said the ultimate goal was to get the Africans back on the big ship and then the party would begin.

“He’s done it with musicals, video films on NTA, bringing back movie culture for families, couples and people, who leave their homes to relax and watch movies on the big screen, whether at Accra Ghana, or Abuja, Lagos, and Port-Harcourt.

“Perhaps when the wonder of the seas moors at Apapa Quays, the Most Beautiful Girl in Africa (MBGA) Beauty Pageant will support the Miss World Beauty Pageant with the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Beauty Pageant ( MBGN) and more than 30 Nigerian musicians who played on his 60th birthday, will realize the dream of bringing Africa back to the big cruise. “It’s going to be crazy ooo,” sings a Nigerian infomercial. Murray-Bruce says that he has three other projects in his bag and that he will unveil them when the time is right,” he said.

Nwosu said that since his inception in 1980 when he launched the Silverbird Entertainment Company which brought foreign artists to Nigeria, Murray-Bruce has remained a recurring decimal with class and panache in the entertainment industry even as a distinguished senator of the Fourth Republic.

According to him, “If you arrive early, it will be possible to process your visa and buy tickets before the fare increases.

“We will help you process your Schengen visa. We will help you with plane tickets to get to Barcelona. We will publish the program very soon. You will arrive there, take your flight and from the airport you will be taken to the seaport. From here you enter the wonder of the seas and sail from Barcelona and back to Barcelona. It will be seamless and stress-free on your part.

“You cannot apply a week before the cruise because it would be stressful. If you need assistance with a visa, you should apply now.

“Murray-Bruce says he wants people to come back and tell their story,” he added.


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