Save 5% on your next luxury trip with Ponant during their exclusive roadshow


Just when you think you’re a seasoned expedition cruiser, Ponant has new discoveries in store for its passengers and they hit the road to share their new adventures in luxury voyages and small ship explorations. You can meet the experts face-to-face at various locations around Australia over the coming months and enjoy champagne and canapes as they unveil the latest exclusive offers from Ponant.

Leaders in the luxury expedition business, there’s no doubt that these next adventures are going to take the cake. Combine that with their iconic little ships, authentic style and iconic French influence and you have the ingredients for a truly memorable voyage.

Let’s take a moment to meet the amazing Expedition Team Leaders who will inspire you for your next trip. Mick, Ryo, Jorge and Lou are all equally passionate about what they bring to Ponant, the world leader in luxury shipping.

Mick Fogg is Director of Shipping and Destination Development for Asia-Pacific. If you attend the Sydney or Melbourne events, you’ll hear Mick describe his enviable life over the past 20 years as an award-winning photographer and adventurer. He has led over 300 expeditions in the Asia-Pacific region, from Antarctica to Southeast Asia. One of his personal passions is to be the first Ambassador for the Orangutan Foundation International, which recognizes his important conservation work in Borneo.

Ryo Ijichi is Ponant’s Expedition Leader and Sales Manager for Japan and Korea and will be participating in events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Ryo first fell in love with Antarctica in 2002 and has been visiting the polar regions as often as possible ever since. In fact, he has traveled to Antarctica over 100 times and worked in various remote wilderness areas of the Arctic and the North Pole. Ryo is based in Japan and helps develop Ponant’s itineraries along the coasts of Japan and remote Japanese subtropical islands.

Jorge Villamarin is Ponant’s Polar and Tropical Expedition Leader and will be delighted to meet you at events in Adelaide, Hobart and Perth. Jorge says he has always been in love with the outdoors and has been an expedition leader on many ships around the world since 2012 after his first experience in Antarctica. He has an infectious energy for geology, geomorphology, history and wildlife. Jorge also excels in outdoor activities that allow you to discover various regions, from mountain biking to scuba diving, sailing and just about anything else he can get his hands on. You can get Jorge talking about his year-long solo trip to South America on his motorbike and a loop around New Zealand on his mountain bike. In his spare time, Jorge leads excursions in his native Colombia and sails the waters of Port Phillip Bay, Australia, where he is now based.

If you are attending the Adelaide, Hobart or Perth events, you will also have the chance to meet Lou Paynter, Polar and Tropical Expedition Leader. She is now a self-proclaimed world wanderer since her first life-changing expedition trip. She is particularly passionate about destinations like Patagonia, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, India, Galapagos and Antarctica to name a few. Her combined background in science, marine biology and education makes her a highly valued expedition leader on Ponant routes. Lou’s dedication to the outdoors is remarkable and has also seen her participate in 10 marathons, 1 Ironman triathlon and the incredible hike of the Kokoda Trail. She is also a passionate teacher in remote Indigenous communities.

These are just a few of Ponant’s world-class leaders who make up the team that guides you around the world when you join the Expeditions. And while the small, yacht-like vessels are reason enough to choose Ponant for your next expedition, many travelers say their most memorable moments are with the people they meet along the way. These traveling events are a rare opportunity to meet the team before boarding and get a taste of what to expect.

Remember it’s not just about meeting the amazing team at these roadshows, you’ll be introduced to some of your fellow travelers, taste Ponant’s signature champagne and get an exclusive 5% discount on your next reservation.

The program includes Adelaide and Hobart in August, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in September and Perth in October.

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