Royal Caribbean cruise ship to reposition early in Singapore


Royal Caribbean has decided to reposition its Specter of the Seas in Singapore earlier than expected. The Quantum-ultra-class ship is set to begin sailings in early April 2022. It comes after a difficult period of operating cruises to nowhere outside of Hong Kong.

Spectrum of the Seas heading to Singapore early

Cruise passengers departing from Singapore will be able to enjoy one of Royal Caribbean’s newest ships, Specter of the Seas. Currently based in Hong Kong, the ship is now ready to reposition itself to begin cruises from Singapore much earlier than originally planned.

Specter of the Seas will begin the three- to four-night ocean getaways on April 11, 2022, six months ahead of schedule. Royal Caribbean has not explained why it decided to move the ship earlier, but it is likely that recent suspensions and restrictions imposed by Hong Kong authorities have had an impact.

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“We know vacation time is precious and choosing how to spend it is more important than ever, which is why we are delighted to welcome Spectrum of the Seas – one of the world’s most advanced ships – to Singapore in April – making Singapore the cruise destination of choice,” said Angie Stephen, vice president and general manager, Asia-Pacific, Royal Caribbean International.

“We have seen incredible demand for Royal Caribbean cruises in Singapore. Having welcomed over 178,000 Singapore residents since we restarted the cruise, bringing Spectrum six months early is truly exciting. The combination of experiences tailored for the Asian market, along with Royal Caribbean favorites on board, will make Spectrum a huge success.

A difficult time in Hong Hong

Specter of the Seas began cruises to nowhere from Hong Kong in October 2021 with two- to four-night ocean getaways. Cruises have been restricted to fully vaccinated Hong Kong residents, but despite protocols in place, the cruise line has faced stringent procedures from authorities.

The ship was recently forced to cancel all January 2022 departures out of town due to authorities temporarily banning cruises. Additionally, in early January, the Hong Kong Ministry of Health contacted the ship to say that someone who had tested positive for COVID on shore had close contacts on board, leading to more cancellations.

Specter of the Seas in Hong Kong
Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean can now focus on Singapore with fully vaccinated sailings. The cruise line also allows customers who book their Spectrum travel no later than March 31, 2022 to take advantage of its Cruise cancellation program with confidence. The program allows guests to cancel their cruise up to 48 hours before departure and receive future cruise credit.

“The Asia-Pacific region holds huge opportunities for the growth of the cruise industry. Last year, many Singapore residents had the opportunity to try cruising for the first time, and from what we can see, they were hooked. As we navigate COVID-19 as rampant, we are confident vacationers in the region will see cruising as an unbeatable vacation option full of adventure,said Kenneth Yeo, Regional Sales Manager, Asia-Pacific, Royal Caribbean International.

Specter of the Seas is 169,379 gross tons, making it one of the largest cruise ships operating in Asia. The Quantum-ultra class ship has a capacity of 4,246 people in double occupancy and 1,551 international crew members. The ship entered service in April 2019 and was specifically designed to serve the Asian cruise market.

Spectrum of the Seas cruise ship

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