Rent a speedboat from Gateway of India now to reach Elephanta Caves!, Mumbai


Another reason for Mumbaikars to be happy! Now, people can hire speedboats from India Gate to reach Elephanta and Alibaug caves, and that too in just 20 minutes. Uber, a major international transport network company, introduced UberBoat services through which people could rent speedboats. This fancy upgrade is sure to make travelers happy as it is something new and exciting.

Important information

Starting point: Gateway of India

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (every day)

Stops: India Gate, Elephanta Caves and Mandwa (Alibaug)

How to book?

To rent these luxury boats, you must first download the application. From Gateway of India, people can hail speedboats at the touch of a button. These speedboats will take almost 20 minutes to reach Mandhwa from India Gate in Mumbai.


Well, that speedboat ride can get a bit pricey. Two services are currently available, namely UberBOAT and UberBOAT XL.

UberBOAT is perfect for 6-8 passengers and booking a whole boat will cost INR 5700 (one way).

UberBOAT XL is ideal for more than 10 passengers and to hire this one you will need to pay INR 9,500 per ride.

Just be sure to rent 15 minutes before reaching the port, as these services have just started and it may take some time.


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