Princess Cruise Ship withdraws from Baltic season


Princess Cruises has decided to cancel the Baltic cruises the cruise line had planned for this summer. The trips, which were planned for enchanted princesshave been removed from the Princess Cruises website.

Many customers have also received notices from their travel agents and Princess Cruises, indicating higher demand in the UK and the commercial considerations this entails. This news comes after the cruise line had already suppressing calls to Saint Petersburg, Russia on 24 routes.

Cancellation of Enchanted Princess Baltic cruises

The removal of St. Petersburg, Russia from the itineraries of major cruise lines is hurting the popularity of these cruises. The Russian port is a highlight for thousands of cruisers every year.

Due to the changing situation in Eastern Europe, cruise lines are eliminating the stopover. This is now affecting the commercial viability of cruises in the Baltic region, particularly with three ships scheduled to sail in the region. outraged enchanted princessthese are princess of the islands and sky princess.

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Princess Cruises in a letter to guests: “Please note that due to commercial considerations related to this ship’s full Baltic cruise season, coupled with higher demand for cruises from the UK, we have made the difficult decision to cancel your upcoming journey on Enchanted Princess.”

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Princess Cruises offers guests the option of receiving a 100% full refund of monies paid for future cruise credit or a full refund of the full amount paid. Guests will need to notify Princess Cruises of their choice by April 15 or the cruise line will automatically convert the cruise fare to FCC.

Baltic cruises on board princess of the islands and sky princess should always go as planned.

An enchanted princess is spending the summer in the UK?

If customers can change their enchanted princess cruising to another ship depends on where it will sail. The cruise line has already confirmed that the final destination of the 25-day voyage from the United States to Europe has been changed.

Princess Cruise Ship Funnel
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Initially, the nearly month-long trip, originally called Scandinavia and Baltic Great Adventure, was to culminate in a week of navigation in the Baltic Sea. From now on, the cruise will be called a Scandinavia and Western Europe passage, ending in Southampton, UK.

Princess Cruises said in another letter to guests:Please note that due to rollout changes, your 25-day trip to Scandinavia and the Baltic on Enchanted Princess departing Saturday, April 9, 2022 will now be Scandinavia and Western Europe passage. 25-day crossing to Scandinavia and Western Europe and will end in Southampton, UK, rather than Copenhagen, Denmark, on Wednesday May 4.

All voyages between May and August 2022 on board enchanted princess are still blocked on the Princess website. It is still unclear which Princess cruises will offer aboard Enchanted Princess.

Norwegian Cruise Line was the first major cruise line to cut calls to Russia and also just canceled the Baltic season for the Norwegian Getaway.

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