Pensioner, 81, rescued from speedboat at Neyland Marina


Angle Lifeboat RNLI described how an 81-year-old woman celebrating her birthday on a speedboat injured her back.

It is unclear how the woman sustained the injury, but the crew accompanying her sent a shout out to Angle Lifeboat to perform what crews described as “a medical evacuation”.

“The lifeboat was tasked with assisting in the medical evacuation of an 81-year-old woman who suffered a back injury on board a speedboat while celebrating her 81st birthday,” posted Angle Lifeboat RNLI on its Facebook page this week.

“The lifeboat was launched at 2:20 p.m. and headed upriver towards Neyland Marina, where the vessel was now moored.

“The lifeboat transferred two crew members aboard to administer pain relief and care for the injured, until an ambulance arrived.

“The Dale Coastguard Rescue Team were also tasked with this incident. With an ambulance now on the scene, the lifeboat was stopped to return to station, returning to station at 4.30pm.


Angle RNLI also reported that its lifeboat was put into operation at 3.15pm on Sunday afternoon, following a 999 call reporting two swimmers and a dog in difficulty at the foot of the cliffs at St Govan’s Head.

‘The all-weather lifeboat launched and reached the best speed towards St Govan’s,’ a spokesman for Angle Lifeboat RNLI said.

“Once at the scene, the victims were located on rocks below the headland, and the Y-shaped inflatable lifeboat was deployed ashore.

“The two injured were taken on board and transferred ashore in New Quay Bay, where the St Govan Coastguard Rescue Team was waiting for them.

“Glad that no further medical assistance was required, the lifeboat withdrew to return to station, returning to station at 5:40 p.m..”


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