Order Hudson Valley cargo for delivery by sailboat in New York City


In 2020, the schooner cargo ship Apollonia sailed the Hudson River amid the pandemic and delivered an inaugural shipment of sailing freight of brewer’s malt, grain, wooden barrels, yarn and pillows to a dock in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Now, the schooner Apollonia is expected to return to Brooklyn in May to kick off a new season of regular voyages from the Hudson Valley to New York. Only this time there are also individual pre-sale items.

In addition to carrying 12,000 pounds of grain and malt going to Wild East Brewing Company, Strong Rope Brewery and Van Brunt Stillhouse in Brooklyn, Apollonia will carry merchandise you can snag: honey from Hudson Valley Bee Supply (Kingston), cider from Greenpoint Cidery (Hudson), hot sauce from Poor Devil Peppers (Hudson), CBD from Our Treaty (Hudson), and more.

Cargo of the schooner Apollonia

Apollonia is dedicated to providing a sustainable transportation alternative connecting the Hudson Valley to New York City, giving producers and consumers the choice to show they care more about the impact of delivery than the transport speed. Logistics can be opaque and the carbon impact difficult to measure. Apollonia takes the blinders off because the crew know that a literal expedition model will improve awareness and connection to our waterways – expedition with a positive impact! Look for “Wind Shipped” stickers on your goods to verify delivery in green transit.

How can you order sail freight cargo for delivery using the power of the windr

1) Visit the site of the schooner Apollonia and browse the offers from Apollonia’s shipping partners for downstream goods.
2) Order the goods directly from the producer’s website before May 5
3) Just be sure to indicate its freight delivery for sale at checkout.
4) Keep an eye on Apollonia’s social media for details of the delivery to the Red Hook dock around May 22.
5) If you cannot pick up at the dock, the goods will be available for pick up at Van Brunt Stillhouse during opening hours.

The Apollonia crew, based in Hudson, New York, eagerly await the journey south downstream from New York with stops at Poughkeepsie, Beacon and Ossining en route. It will also be carrying its first individual pre-sale shipment of Stone Street Coffee and Enlightenment Wines up the river on its return trip, as well as wholesale coffee from Gotham Coffee Roasters.

A special rendezvous for cargo sailing in New York Harbor

Schooner Apollonia from the quay

While in New York Harbor, the ship will first encounter another sailing freighter from the French company Grain de Sail – which is currently crossing the Atlantic with a hold full of French wine and chocolate. It’s just another sign that a global green transit shift is underway – one that you can be a part of. Stay tuned for Untapped New York Insiders tours on both ships in May!

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