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Lamborghinis have long been a design inspiration. Everything from high-end watches by Roger Dubuis to luxurious Italian superyachts are inspired by the creativity of distinctive sports cars – and now a lucky speedboat has been given the Lambo treatment.

Although without Automobili Lamborghini’s consent or involvement, Milan-based studio Officina Armare Design has unveiled a luxury day cruiser meant to mirror the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster in both beauty and strength.

Simply dubbed the A43, the badass cruiser boasts a sleek, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber hull, sloping windshield, large side vents, inverted arc and narrow LED headlights, as well as sleek lines. aggressive and sharp angles typically found in top Italian supercars. Glossy reflective paint in a two-tone theme of jet black and eye-catching canary yellow makes the vessel look just as stylish as its muse.

The interior is decidedly simplistic but has all the necessary elements, including an all-important dedicated champagne compartment. The cabin is full of luxurious textures – think carbon, leather and wood – and comes with a dining table, fridge, sink, stove, toilet and a sofa for four. There is also a shower in case that day of cruising turns into night.

Courtesy of Officina Armare Design.

Beyond looks, this baby would also run like a Lambo on water. The A43 is designed with naturally aspirated Lamborghini V-12 engines and should theoretically cross the sea at an impressive top speed of 80 knots or sail comfortably at 50 knots. Caterpillar Three60 pods ensure smooth sailing while the side bow thruster, installed near the bow, improves maneuverability at low speeds and when docking. The high-octane vessel is also designed with air-trapping tunnels that redirect airflow and create aerodynamic lift at high speeds while cooling the engines.

Of course, at the moment all we have are these realistic and very drool-worthy renders. But we’ll keep an eye on Officina Armare Design to see when the A43 finally hits the water.

Officina Armare Design A43 Speedboat

Courtesy of Officina Armare Design.


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