Moreish Idols Share New Song “Speedboat”: Listen Now


Over the past few years, Speedy Wunderground have been on a tear, helping to fuel the new wave of guitar bands from England and Ireland. Now Dan Carey has found another new recruit. The latest band to join the Speedy Wunderground family are Moreish Idols, a quintet hailing from a Cornish coastal town and now based in London. Going through their new single “Speedboat,” Carey hasn’t lost her touch.

“Speedboat” is Moreish Idols’ debut album on the label. Here’s what frontman Jude Lilley had to say about it:

When I was around 18 I stopped in Venice with some friends after a festival. One hot afternoon in our grubby clothes, we managed to find a place to have pizza slices and beer for a few euros. Hidden away from the intimidating and glamorous tourists, we sat on a pier and slipped into our newly purchased treats. As we were chatting over our lunch, we were interrupted by a bass drum echoing in the canal. The kick got louder and louder until a white speedboat drifted at full speed into our line of sight and came to a stop at the pier. EDM sprung from the boat, as a sleek, well-built man in wrap-around sunglasses and a red polo shirt inspected his vast pile of packages. He leaned down, grabbed a pile, and jumped off the boat. After making the jump to the house behind us, he got back into the engine and took off through the canals. It was then that I knew: I wanted to be a postman in Venice.

Like much of the music we associate with Speedy Wunderground, the sound of Moreish Idols has an art-rock punk aesthetic, while the members also cite funk and dub as influences. Check it out below.


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