Merchant Bulker saves four from sailing ship in mid-Atlantic


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Posted on Jan 20, 2020 6:55 PM by

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On January 10, the crew of the geared bulk carrier Probe rescued a drifting sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic. Captain Ivan Versic, along with his officers and crew, found and rescued four people stranded aboard the boat due to engine failure, according to the ship’s operator Seastar.

After having taken note of the situation of the sailboat, the Probe diverted to find himself and perform a rescue. “We made contact by VHF radio and found that all was well with the crew, only they were tired. We agreed to delay the rescue for the next morning due to bad weather. Shortly after, we established the first eye contact with the boat, and we stayed nearby all night in an emergency, ”Captain Versic told media.

The operation to bring the survivors on board began the next morning. After initial difficulties due to poor weather conditions, the yacht and bulk carrier were finally aligned well enough to pass a line, and the boat was along the accommodation ladder at around 3 p.m.

With all four people (and a Bulldog) on ​​board safely, the Probe leaves again, bound for Brazil. The yacht has been left behind.

The Probe disembarked his passengers at the port of Macapa, at the mouth of the Amazon. It has since continued its commercial journey and, on Monday, it was moored at the river port of Santarem.

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