Massachusetts Woman Wins New Hampshire Trip With ‘The Price Is Right’


Everyone would love to win a vacation on The price is rightbut what if the price was more of an inconvenience than a trip?

A Massachusetts woman named the right price – except it was a five-day trip to neighboring New Hampshire.

Perhaps the best part? Her vacation flight departs from Los Angeles, where the game show is taped.

Catherine Graham recently flew to California and ended up being cast on the popular game show, hosted by comedian Drew Carey, in an episode that aired February 1.

After guessing the winning bid, Graham joined Carey on stage for a chance to win a big prize in the “Side by Side” game. She soon learned the prize was a vacation to a state she had been to “a million times.”

“My face says it all. I said, ‘Oh, you’re kidding.’ Drew says, ‘Oh, that’s great. Congratulations, New Hampshire is beautiful! I say, ‘Drew, I live in Boston!’ ,” Graham told WBZ-TV in the above clip.

She won the trip after correctly estimating the value of the prize at $7,696 instead of $9,676. The prize includes a five-night stay at the Concord Hotel, including daily breakfast and one dinner, plus $80 in additional food expenses.

Although her vacation is at a location about an hour’s drive from Boston, Graham seemed thrilled to win and celebrate on stage.

“I just wish it was Tahiti or somewhere, or Bora Bora. A cruise around the world, maybe,” she said, adding that the price didn’t change how she felt at about his experience being on the show, “It was so much fun.”

According to The New York PostGraham will have to cross the country twice (instead of driving just 30 minutes) if she wants to cash in on her round-trip plane ticket from Los Angeles to Manchester.

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