Liverpool fans hire speedboat to France after flight canceled


May 28, 2022, 1:23 p.m. | Updated: May 28, 2022, 1:44 p.m.

Fans converged on Place de la Nation, Paris, for the Champions League final, with one group due to get there by speedboat.

Photo: Alamy/Twitter @morefootie

A group of Liverpool supporters made the trip to France by speedboat after their flight to the country for the Champions League final was cancelled.

Footage of the impromptu crossing has been shared on social media.

The Daily Mail reports that fans had their EasyJet flight from Liverpool canceled at the last minute.

When they were unable to secure another flight or a coach, one member of the group contacted a friend who runs a boat rental company called Le Mourier on the island of Jersey, according to the newspaper.

The speedboat – a 12-person Redbay Stormforce 950 – took them to Saint-Malo, from where they were able to reach Paris in time for Saturday night’s clash.

In response to the footage, the boat rental company tweeted: “We’re glad you enjoyed your trip and wish you the best trip possible.”

They are not the only ones to have resorted to less conventional means of transport.

A coach bought by a Liverpool supporter to transport dozens of other supporters to Paris for just £1 each arrived in the city on Saturday.

Simon Wilson, a British vlogger, from Wrexham bought the cheapest coach he could find for £5,000 to take as many fans there to avoid the ‘extortionate’ travel costs many were facing.

Just £1 each meant around 50 supporters could make it from Anfield to the French capital in time for the game.

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“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, leaving on Thursday morning, I never thought it would take so long,” he said.

“Along the way there were worried faces, people who expected to get to Paris and thought we wouldn’t, but I always had faith, despite all the challenges we faced. .

“I’ve never slept so little in my life, I managed a few hours, but it was worth it. Now we can soak up the atmosphere here before the game.”

The match will take place at the Stade de France on Saturday

The match will take place at the Stade de France on Saturday.

Photo: Aliyah

Mr Wilson said the original coach had to be replaced and the ferry across to Dover had to be pushed back as they were running late.

However, after arriving in France in the early morning, the coach continued and arrived in Paris in the afternoon.

Wilson is also known for driving a £40 Skoda to the Champions League final in Madrid in 2019.

He added: “The fees charged to people were quite exorbitant, it’s shocking, so I wanted to give something back, to bring the fans here.

“People want to come to Paris to see their team, they should be able to do that without paying so much money.

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“It’s all been quite expensive, the original trainer was £5,000, I then boxed it up for another £8,000 and then there are the hidden costs, it was a lot of money, but I wanted to help.

“I was always positive, I knew we would get there. I just want to thank Revolut for making this possible.”

The coach will return to the UK on Sunday after the game.

Liverpool fans at Place de la Nation, Paris, ahead of the Champions League final at the Stade de France

Liverpool fans in the Place de la Nation, Paris, ahead of the UEFA Champions League final at the Stade de France.

Photo: Aliyah

The Reds take on 13-time winners Real Madrid at the Stade de France on Saturday.

Tens of thousands of Liverpool supporters have already gathered near the fan zone near central Paris ahead of the game.

A sea of ​​red shirts surrounded the Cours de Vincennes district, southeast of the city, with smoke billowing into the air as flares flared.

Fans, largely without tickets, could be seen drinking and singing in nearby pubs as traffic was paralyzed.

Footballs were tossed in the air and banners unfurled.

A heavy police presence is in the area, including armed officers.

A local police spokesman said no arrests were made on Friday evening.

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Some of the fans in Paris started drinking at 7 a.m. on Saturday, with one speaking of being “crushed” at 12 p.m.

John Racks, 39, from Wirral, Merseyside, said: “Yes the drinking started early, the sun is out now and it’s going to my head a bit.

“I would like to say that at almost 40 years old, I’m careful but I got a little lost and started drinking this morning, now I’m stoned.

“The vibe here is bossy, the city is red.”

Another said: “I’m sitting here on top of a statue in Paris with my friends, you don’t need anything more.

“Just a few beers and hopefully a win for the Reds, lovely.”

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