Lake Mead Vertical Speedboat is almost on dry land


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Another day and a new record for Lake Mead as the water level dropped to 1045.51 feet on Monday. But now there is another way people measure lake level, the vertical outboard.

Stuck firmly in the mud of Lake Mead, the speedboat in the Government Wash area served as a beacon of sorts showing just how far and how fast the lake is receding.

A large boat re-emerges from Lake Mead as the lake level continues to drop. May 22, 2022 (Photo: Travis Pardee)

8 News Now first reported the boat pointed straight out of the water on May 23. At that time, we shared photos and videos taken by Travis Pardee.

In her video, her children were swimming around the boat, still in relatively deep water and several meters from shore. Well, this video was recorded 22 days ago.

Since then, using the vertical outboard as a gauge, the lake has dropped almost an entire stern. Or according to official figures, he’s dropped by around 4’4″.

As of June 12, the vertical speedboat remains upright and mostly on solid ground, except for what appears to be a large chasm around its stern.


Historically, over the past five years, July has been the month when the annual spring low stabilizes and even increases a little through August and September.


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