INSV Tarini all-female crew sailboat from Indian Navy Docks at Port Stanley Island UK


INSV Tarini, whose crew is set to make history as the very first trip of its kind to tour the world, enters Port Stanley.

An Indian Navy sailing team set to make history as the first ever voyage of an all-female crew around the world is now docked in Port Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, a British territory of the United Kingdom. ‘overseas.

The six crew members of the Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini began their maiden voyage on September 10 from Goa and are expected to complete it in about eight months.

INSV Tarini entered port earlier this week after covering approximately 15,000 nautical miles since leaving Goa, crossing the equator, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Horn.

The captain of the vessel is Lieutenant-Commander Vartika Joshi, with his crew consisting of Lieutenant-Commanders Pratibha Jamwal and P. Swathi, and Lieutenants S. Vijaya Devi, B. Aishwarya and Payal Gupta.

“It is always a surprise when nature surprises you just when you are lost in its haunting beauty, like our awe when we witnessed the aurora – the southern lights … only a lucky few can witness it at sea “said Lt. Aishwarya, who has blogged online about the group’s experiences.

56 foot sailboat

The native-built INSV Tarini is a 56-foot sailboat, which was inducted into the Indian Navy last year and the trip is described as a showcase of the “Make in India” initiative on an international forum.

The ship and crew experienced bad weather and high winds during their 41-day crossing of the Pacific Ocean. This, together with the extremely cold climatic conditions in the region, implied winds of over 60 knots and waves of up to 7 meters.

The expedition, titled “Navika Sagar Parikrama”, was reported by Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman as part of the national initiative to empower women to reach their full potential. It also aims to showcase “Nari Shakti” on the global platform and help revolutionize the attitudes and mindset of society towards women in India, by increasing the visibility of their participation in harsh environments.

He will be back in April

The ship is scheduled to return to Goa in April and will depart for Cape Town in South Africa on February 4. The first stopover was in Fremantle, Australia, in October 2017, the second in Lyttelton, New Zealand, in November and now Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.

The crew collected and regularly updated meteorological, ocean and wave data to get accurate weather forecasts from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), as well as high seas marine pollution monitoring. They interacted a lot with the inhabitants, in particular the children, during their port stopovers to promote ocean sailing and the spirit of adventure.


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