Inside the $1.7 billion Celebrity Beyond cruise ship with an Australian F45 gym on board


Passengers are raving about a new ‘luxury’ cruise liner that cost billions to build – and it has a distinctly Australian characteristic.

An Australian fitness chain has opened a gym aboard a new $1.7 billion cruise ship in a “first of its kind” collaboration that sees its workout studios open at sea.

F45 first launched in Sydney in 2013, but now has over 1,750 studios in 45 countries across Australia, North America, South America, Asia, Europe and the United States. ‘Africa.

However, the brand’s most recent location may be its most exciting yet, having opened the doors to a new studio aboard Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship. Celebrity Beyond.

The new workout studio holds its famous 45-minute classes several times a day, but unlike its other gyms, it has stunning floor-to-ceiling views overlooking the ocean, which is definitely not for shy.

Passengers can swing kettle bells, lift dumbbells and burpe to their heart’s content as part of the 17-deck ship’s wellness offerings that also include access to Peloton bikes, yoga classes and a huge gym gym open 24 hours a day.

After training, passengers can refuel with healthy meals from a “clean” onboard restaurant, or have a nutritionally balanced smoothie, like Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite green juice, available through the partnership of Celebrity with her wellness brand Goop.

“Wellness is so fundamental to our philosophy at Celebrity Cruises, that we continue to build and develop a truly special onboard experience where it is integrated into every aspect of the guest journey, from cabin to spa,” said said the president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises. says Lisa Lutoff-Perlo.

“And, because we’re doing all of this at sea, which is incredibly therapeutic in itself, it becomes a wonderful, unique wellness journey in the world.”

Insane spa facilities

If your idea of ​​wellness on vacation is a cheeky trip to a spa (we feel you), then you’re in luck as the ship boasts of having “the most indulgent spa escape at sea”.

Adding credence to the claims, the spa offers over 120 different treatments and a designated area that “encourages relaxation” to be enjoyed before and after using the facilities.

Inside the special relaxation ‘suite’ are eight separate spaces, including a steam room infused with different aromatherapy oils and my favorite, the ‘water therapy room’, which includes those rain showers sophisticated. I also loved the heated salons, a nice place to take a nap after the massage.

A gourmet dream

Since her maiden voyage in April, guests have been raving about the ‘luxury’ ship on social media, with many sharing photos of the ‘delicious’ food served on board and the ‘top tier’ restaurants of which there are 15 on board.

A standout would certainly be Le Voyage, the first restaurant at sea by renowned French chef Daniel Boulud, whose New York restaurant currently has two Michelin stars.

Dinner at Voyage comes with an extra US$139 [$A204] fresh, but the steak melted in your mouth – and my pavlova dessert was a real work of art as well as delicious. It should be noted that the menu is set and changes regularly.

The bars on board are also very fun and dotted in various places, including the “Sunset Bar” located with a privileged view on the upper deck and the “Martini Bar” in the center of the ship which serves delicious cocktails. (Get the lychee martini – you won’t regret it.)

Of course, no cruise ship is complete without a buffet, and the one on Beyond is a sight to behold.

Unlike a tired hotel buffet, this one feels more like an upscale dining room and has the added touch of candlelight from the fact that you’re not helping yourself. Each station is rather staffed and they will serve you whatever you ask for, a new movement implemented in the wake of Covid.

A real celebrity on board

While the ship can hold 3,260 passengers at full capacity (and 1,400 crew), there’s one famous influencer still on board, Bug Naked.

The hairless cat – who has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram – is the right arm of Beyond Captain Kate McCue.

Many passengers are thrilled to find the feline, sharing their snaps of the not-so-fluffy creature on social media. So keep your eyes peeled.

The journalist traveled as a guest of Celebrity Cruises


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