How a sailboat near a beached houseboat is a metaphor for homelessness


A ramshackle sailboat stranded not far from where Vancouver’s rogue barge is stranded might just be the perfect metaphor for this city’s homelessness problem. Or maybe not.

Laying sideways on the beach just a few hundred yards from the buzzing houseboat, the derelict sailboat has no visible license number on its hull, so anyone can guess where it came from or who it belongs to .

Surrounding the thing are an old Sea-Doo (attached to it), a disassembled outboard motor, a deflated dinghy, and a front-loading washing machine that a scavenger apparently pulled out of its hold but abandoned probably because that it was too heavy to be taken to the beach.

A few looky-loos hang around the thing, making comments like “Man, that thing looks like shit” and “What’s he even doing here?”

Meanwhile, just up the beach, more than a hundred onlookers watch in awe as the immediate efforts of the private company that owns the multimillion-dollar barge to pull it off the beach.

No one is really watching as the province officially works to tackle derelict ships, marine debris and marine-based plastics in British Columbia, and this derelict vessel hasn’t done enough ripples to attract attention. attention of the administrators of the Dead Boats Disposal Society Facebook Page.

Ask the mayor of Vancouver what he plans to do about this sailboat issue and he may tell you that he will lobby another level of government for money so he can come up with a study which will be completed in 2027.

Immediately something needs to be done about this sailboat and the trash around it, and a home found for the person who apparently lived there until a few days ago.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a houseboat that I need to go take more pictures of.


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