Havila forced to cancel the trip because it works Insurance situation


Havila was forced to cancel his upcoming crossing from Bergen to Kirkenes and back to Bergen which was due to start on April 12.

The company cited an unresolved situation related to the ship’s insurance coverage, as the ship’s financing came into question due to sanctions against Russia.

The company said passengers on board will receive assistance for their return trip as soon as possible, and all travelers will receive a refund for their trip with Havila Capella.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed late Wednesday evening that the penalty provision does not prevent normal operation and therefore also insurance for Havila Capella. After reviewing the case once again, a counter message was received from authorities on Thursday afternoon.

“Above all, we are very disappointed that there was no solution, and that the authorities took a counter-decision this afternoon. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has concluded that a liability insurance does not is not consistent with the sanctions provisions,” CEO Bent Martini said.

“We have to accept this, and we think it is terribly sad for all our passengers who were looking forward to a beautiful Easter trip on board Havila Capella. When the Foreign Office came with its confirmation yesterday, we thought we would be allowed to sail again, but unfortunately that is no longer a reality now.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in its initial response letter that Havila Voyages is responsible for the operation and financing of the ship and therefore the ship should not be affected by the sanctions adopted.

“We will now continue the dialogue with the authorities, the insurance companies and finally the refinancing of Havila Capella. We will sail again,” said Martini.

“Now we are looking forward to the takeover of Havila Castor, with which we plan to start sailing from Bergen on May 10. With a solution for Capella and Castor in operation, we will be well equipped for a glorious summer along the Norwegian coast. Despite the challenges we have encountered along the way, I choose to look positively to the future. We look forward to showing our fantastic ships to even more passengers in the times to come.”


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