Hatchback and Economy Speedboat: Asset Recovery Bureau’s Latest Sale



The Fiat Uno seized by the Asset Recovery Bureau and put up for sale by auction.

The concept of cars and boats seized from criminals can conjure up images of luxury, ill-gotten gains ostentatiously spent on flashy status symbols.

But the next auction announced by the Asset Recovery Bureau – of a motor vehicle and a marine vessel – will have a much more modest trend.

The motor vehicle is a 1990 white Fiat Uno Hatchback, parked with 143,076 miles on the clock. The reserve price is set at € 300.

The vehicle is described as being roadworthy and in good condition. The ARB has helpfully observed that it is old enough to be registered and licensed as a conventional vehicle: although its condition may need improvement if it is to pass the required inspection.

As for the vessel, it is a Fletcher Arrowhawk 18 outboard built in 1995, for which a new registration is required. Her hull is described as being in good condition, with a few small chips and scratches from the gelcoat. The reserve value is set at € 2,800, and the trailer is included.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their offers before noon on August 17, with a provisional deposit of € 100 attached. The highest bid wins, with the first bid submitted winning in the event of a tie.

The assets will be available for inspection from August 11 to 13 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., interested parties being asked to make an appointment with the office.

More details can be viewed here.

Arguably the most remarkable vehicle sold by the Asset Recovery Bureau to date, a Ferrari Modena 360, auctioned for some € 36,500. But the sale put the office in hot water: it had to pay € 70,000 in compensation to the original owner after a court ruled he had no right to sell it – and that ‘he was highly undervalued.

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