Gold Coast teenager injured on sailboat after being targeted by jet ski hoons, calls for greater water safety


14 year old teenager Golden Coast boy was left with facial injuries after being harassed by a group of men on jet skis.

The teenager was taking a sailing lesson at Paradise Point when he said the trio had targeted him.

“One of them went in front of the boat and sprayed it and sprayed the sails,” said Daniel Graydon.

The 14-year-old was taking a sailing lesson at Paradise Point when he was targeted by men on a jet ski. (Provided)

It is believed that the force of the water tipped the sail over the boat, hitting the teenager in the face, splitting the skin above his eyes and causing severe bruising.

Daniel’s mother, Kelly Graydon, said her son had been unfairly targeted.

“It wasn’t a one-time accident, it was obviously something they were doing thinking it was fun,” Ms. Graydon said.

The men came dangerously close to the sailboat, projecting water which tilted the sail and hit Daniel in the face. (Provided)

Jet skis must leave 60 meters of space around swimmers and anchored vessels, and 30 meters for moving boats.

The incident has sparked concern from local coastguard authorities, who are warning water enthusiasts to follow the rules this summer.

“Jet skis are very, very powerful machines in the hands of inexperienced operators, they can be quite deadly,” said David Tapsall, Southport Coast Guard.

“Drive at your own ability, know your own ability, slow down.”


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