German billionaire’s stunning superyacht comes with its own Brabus luxury speedboat



Samurai is a perfectly fitting name for this majestic and elegant vessel. With an imposing silhouette and impressive length, at 197 feet (60.3 meters), Samurai claims to have a revolutionary hull that gives her “unprecedented efficiency. “Powered by two MTU 16v 4000 M73Ls, it can reach a top speed of 21 knots (24 mph / 39 km / h) and endure long transatlantic journeys, with its cruising range of over 5,000 miles (8,000 km ).

Co-CEO and principal shareholder of a huge media company (Stroeer SE), German billionaire Udo Mueller certainly appreciates the finer things in life, as the Samurai displays one of the most stylish interiors ever seen on a yacht in this size. Built by famed Turkish shipyard Alia Yachts, this floating mansion reveals truly exotic Asian-inspired decor, the creation of Redman Whitely Dixon. It even won the Showboats Design Award, in 2017.

Some of the most impressive features of this ship are her generous sundeck with an oversized Jacuzzi pool, flanked by plush sofas, and the huge beach club with a large fold-out swim platform. This is where one of the 12 guests can get a water-level exercise, in the gym with glass panels, to create a temperature-controlled environment. The generous owner’s bedroom, with an en-suite shower room and separate sitting area, has been designed with a unique skylight that lets in plenty of natural light.

In addition to its annexes and its aquatic toys, the Samurai comes with a “faithful assistant”, A hunting boat that most people would see as a luxury vessel in its own right. The 41-foot (12.5-meter) Brabus Axopar is a true arrow on the water, cutting waves at 55 knots (63 mph / 101 km / h). Guests can also enjoy a bar with sink and barbecue during the journey.

With such awesome toys and gorgeous looks, it’s no surprise that the Samurai has a massive charter rate of over $ 400,000 per week. But, despite its qualities, the German billionaire sold it, in less than three months on the market. Samurai’s last known asking price isn’t surprising either – no less than $ 41.6 million (€ 36.9 million).



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