Four displaced after the sinking of a sailboat in Pacifica

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) – Four people who were traveling the world are now living in a motel after their sailboat sank in Pacifica.

“It wasn’t so much about running aground as it was about running aground,” said Tahnee Garver, co-owner and mate of the 33-foot sailboat Hecate Spray, which landed last weekend and then sank Wednesday during the effort. to tow it for free.

ABC7 News on Thursday found the mostly inexperienced crew of four stranded in a motel room, living on charity, with no money and investment downstairs. “It’s all gone. No hope of rebuilding it or getting it back,” Tahnee said.

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She bought the boat with her friend in the trucking industry, Toni Claar, who embarked on this journey with ambition. “I wanted to be the first trans woman to go around the world,” she said.

The trip lasted two days. Maybe: what’s left of the boat has now become a major danger to surfers at Linda Mar Beach, as the tides expose and then hide the mast. “It’s steel and harder than my head,” said surfer Peter PIrolli.

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“You might get stuck with a tangled foot or with metal or something. It’s dangerous,” said Joseph Rizzo.

Legally Tony and Tahnee bear the financial responsibility as the owners, but they claim to have no money and the wreck is filling with sand every day.

Pacifica Police spent Thursday morning with the Coast Guard, learning all the bad news about tens of thousands of dollars in moving expenses. “There is unknown content. Unknown dangers. Floating debris,” said Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Jeremiah Winston.

And so, the saga of a sailboat named Hecate Spray. She left San Francisco Bay for a trip around the world, but only made it to Pacifica. For his crew, the opposite of a good trip.

Click here if you would like to donate to GoFundMe to help the crew.

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