First Look at Slasher Comedy on a Cruise Ship


Jack Rowan and Oscar Kennedy lead the cast of BBC comedy horror Wrecked, with the first images teasing the bloodshed aboard the Sacramentum.

Destroy brings the slasher genre to the seas in the first look at the BBC’s upcoming horror comedy. The series stars Oscar Kennedy as stowaway Jamie, who sneaks aboard a cruise ship called The Sacramentum to locate his missing sister. Described as a taut comedy, with a dash of the slasher genre mixed in for good measure, Destroy will see Jamie become a detective as he hunts his sister among the eclectic crew of The Sacramentum, while avoiding a series of grizzly bear murders. Kennedy is joined on his dangerous journey by Jack Rowan, Harriet Webb and The Irregulars Thaddea Graham.

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Shared by BBC, the first pictures of Destroy reveal a bloody adventure ahead for the crew of The Sacramentum. The shots show the main cast in action, with an image of a bloodied Graham and Kennedy teasing the tense drama to come. In perhaps the most intriguing image of the set, one particular shot shows Jodie Tyack’s Pippa hiding behind a porthole, as the reflection of a suited pursuer watches menacingly. Check out the images below:

BBC Horror Comedy Destroyed


Tyack’s shot facing what looks like an assailant wearing a mascot is perhaps the most striking of all the images and lends itself well to the show promising to mix comedy with tense horror. Destroy will join a series of increasingly impressive shows to come from British soil to mix both the macabre and the humorous, with the hit BBC One series Ghosts recently earned an American adaptation. With a strong pedigree of talented young Britons taking the lead, Destroy has all the makings of a great quirky horror.

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Source: BBC

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