First Look at New Ritz-Carlton Cruise Ship Staterooms


Ritz-Carlton, the famous American hotel chain, is taking off with the addition of luxury super-yachts. The ship known as Evrima will be the first ship to launch with the Ritz-Carlton in August this year.

Ritz-Carlton first announced plans to introduce its brand to the cruise industry in 2017. For the past two years, the company has faced pandemic-related delays. The Evrima debuted on August 6, 2022. The maiden voyage of the Ritz-Carlton’s first ship will sail to the Mediterranean. Most crossings will take 7-10 days to begin with.

While the Evrima is the first ship to sail for the Ritz-Carlton, the company has two other yachts in production set to debut in 2024 and 2025.

(Evrima, loft-style suite)

The 623ft cruise liner will consist of 149 suites and will collectively accommodate up to 298 guests. Guests can expect private balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, signature Ritz-Carlton king beds, and double vanity bathrooms.

In a statement from the Ritz-Carlton, “the interiors of Evirma perfectly combines timeless elegance with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Boasting a residential feel, the suites’ design inspiration incorporates the sleek, contemporary look of Ritz-Carlton residences in Sunny Isles, Miami Beach, and Los Angeles, and offers spacious surroundings, innovative marine qualities, and some of the world’s finest yachts. more avant-garde. interiors of the world.

The suites are designed for luxury and to create a bright, open space for passengers. Many suites will also be able to connect to neighboring suites for those traveling with larger groups or families, and will include soundproof walls for added privacy.

On board Evrima, guests can also experience a signature spa and restaurant named SEA, run by Chef Sven Elverfeld. The signature restaurant will offer a five-course meal accompanied by refreshments such as different champagnes and wines.

the EvrimaItineraries will change with the seasons, the ship will sail to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Central America and South America to begin with. Ports of call can include the French Riviera, the coasts of Costa Rica and the Balearic Islands in Spain, Saint Tropez and Saint-Bartz, and more.

Guests will be able to participate in intimate shore excursions in each destination, these tours will be part of The Ritz-Carlton’s Shore Collection. The ship will also have a specific concierge on board to help passengers plan their independent outings in each port of call, under the name “Concierge Ashore”.

(Ritz-Carlton Evrima concept art)

Sail with the Ritz-Carlton aboard the Evrima, fares vary depending on the navigation destination. For example, a seven-day Caribbean cruise will start at $5,100 per person in a double occupancy suite.

“Every element of the luxury yachting experience has been carefully considered when creating Evrima. This attention to detail and innovation, along with our commitment to delivering highly personalized, immersive voyages will set the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection in a league of its own, promising unforgettable getaways for longtime cruisers and those new to space,” said Dougles Prothero, CEO of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.


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