‘Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage’ to Sail Again – NBC Los Angeles

  • Disneyland Park attraction reopens July 25, 2022
  • New coral, fresh paint and other touches will add more vibrancy to the water ride
  • The attraction debuted as Submarine Voyage in 1959; Pixar’s 2003 film “Finding Nemo” inspired the 2007 update

Where there’s a hearing, there’s a way, as Marlin bravely discovered in Pixar’s 2003 hit animated film, “Finding Nemo.”

The caring clownfish had to go on a big and daring journey to find his son Nemo, and along the way? So many aquatic wonders were seen, from sunken ships to large sharks to a caboodle of colorful coral.

What about migratory leatherback turtles? Whoa: Like, those were totally huge in the beloved feature, too, which inspired 2016’s sequel “Finding Dory.”

We’re not trying to make anemones here, however, in drawing this intro: rather, we’re just thrilled that the Underwater journey in search of Nemo will gurgle its whimsical way back into Disneyland park on July 25, 2022.

Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Of course, the ride, which opened as Submarine Voyage in 1959, was going nowhere, as anyone riding the monorail or Matterhorn Bobsleds could easily discern; instead, the major water attraction suffered a long hiatus due to the pandemic, a closure that prompted a major renovation.

This means fresh coral has been added to the adorable adventure, which includes several submarines that sail just below the waterline.

The paint-based touch-ups also enhanced the cheerful hues of the destination.

What about Hank, the camouflaged septopus from “Finding Dory”? We adore this guy with the tentacles, as do many “Nemo” fans.

We are in luck: it now adorns a rock in the lagoon, a new addition to the attraction.

Stylish special effects also reinforce the “Nemo” aura of the area and lighting that adds to that ocean atmosphere.

But before you can board these famous submersibles, you’ll need a Disneyland Park ticket and a reservation, too.

Learn more about the reopening of the attraction hereand plan your trip under the waves now.


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