Families on board for a historic journey


HMAS Sirius left Albany in Western Australia on November 30 with a few additional crew members.

The ship’s company welcomed several family members on board for the ship’s final voyage to Fleet Base West. The ship arrived on December 2.

The sailors, all eager to discover life at sea and to understand what their loved ones are doing, have had the right to many activities.

These included the sighting of the Anzac-class frigate HMAS Paramatta perform close-range watchkeeping maneuvers around Sirius, as good as Sirius‘770th and final replenishment at sea (RAS), which was carried out with Parramatta.

commanding officer Sirius Captain Chris Doherty said it was a privilege to have the families on board for the ship’s last voyage.

“It’s wonderful that our families have the opportunity to get a little glimpse of the marine life. It is sometimes difficult to explain life at sea and what we do to non-marines, ”said Commander Doherty.

“This little cruise gives them a glimpse of our daily life.”

HMAS Sirius returns to Fleet Base West with the ship’s company families on board. Photo: Leading Seaman Richard Cordell

Many guests had the opportunity to observe their host during the RAS, including helping out on the distance line, observing from the bridge, and watching from the RAS control room.

Other highlights of the trip include tasting the food prepared by the kitchen staff and using the gym.

For some family members, it was not their first time at sea.

The petty officer’s electronics technician, Helen Adams’ father, is a former sailor and loved to compare developments today to how they were done in his day.

Mr Martin said there have been many changes since his time at sea.

“Definitely for the best,” said Martin.

The cruise culminated when family members witnessed the Alpha proceedings, with crew members lining the deck as Sirius returned alongside Fleet Base West for the last time, greeted by loved ones, the WA Navy Band and various supporters.

HMAS Sirius will be decommissioned at Fleet Base West on December 18.


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