Falmouth lifeboats sent to sinking speedboat off Portscatho



TWO people in a speedboat without a lifejacket were lucky enough to survive after their ship sank when they mistook St Just in Roseland for Portscatho

Due to inclement weather conditions, coastal and offshore lifeboats from Falmouth were called to the boat on Sunday after receiving reports that the five-meter fast boat was taking on water off Portscatho.

There was a moderate sea and a light swell with poor visibility and an overcast sky with rain.

The crew of the all-weather lifeboat Luke Wills (2nd coxswain), Carl Beardmore, Dave Nicoll, Jonathan Hackwell, Jamie Wakefield, Tamara Brookes, Chris Simpson, Lloyd Barron launched at 4:49 p.m. with the inshore boat with a crew of Sandy Procter ( coxswain), Tom Bird, Tamsin Mulcahy and Andy Edwards on board.

The Portscatho Coast Guard Cliff Rescue Team has also been called in.

However, just as the inshore lifeboat arrived at the scene, they were told the couple had been picked up by a passing yacht and taken to Mylor Harbor. Despite the weather conditions, none of them wore a life jacket and were very lucky to have been recovered.

A spokesperson for the Falmouth Lifeboat said: “Further investigation confirmed that the speedboat had in fact sunk off Messack Point on Carrick Roads, its occupants mistaking St Just in Roseland for Portscatho. The two victims who were not wearing life jackets had lost contact with the Coast Guard when their speedboat sank, so we were extremely lucky to have been located and rescued by a passing yacht. ”

The full report from the Falmouth Lifeboat said: “At 4.33pm the Falmouth Coast Guard requested that the Falmouth Coastal Lifeboat be launched to assist two people on a 5m high speed boat which reportedly took on water off Portscatho The all-weather lifeboat was also brought into immediate readiness due to weather conditions and at 4:40 pm was also requested to take off.

The inshore lifeboat took off from its slipway at 4:41 pm, with the all-weather lifeboat leaving its berth shortly thereafter at 4:49 pm The inshore lifeboat arrived at the scene off Portscatho at 4:55 pm sharp. as the Coast Guard indicated that the two occupants As the all-weather lifeboat rounded Zone Point at 5:02 p.m., they were informed that the injured had been disembarked at Mylor Harbor, so the two lifeboats rescue workers were released to return to their posts.

“The all-weather lifeboat arrived at 5:15 pm alongside its pontoon dock, while the inshore lifeboat was retrieved from its slipway at 5:17 pm. The two lifeboats were then refueled and ready for service at 5.40 p.m.



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