Duluth businessman offers $5,000 reward for stolen speedboat – Reuters


A Duluth businessman on Thursday offered a $5,000 reward for the intact return of a vintage boat filled with family heirlooms.

“It can’t come in a plastic bag in pieces,” Brad Skytta said of the award. “It must be a complete and safe recovery.”

Skytta said his yellow 1972 GW Invader was taken from a warehouse in Lincoln Park on the 1700 block of West Superior Street on September 2.

He fears the boat has been sold to a party that does not know it was stolen.

“It’s like new and was given to me for my 12th birthday,” Skytta said. “It’s super rare and there’s nothing like it, from this condition, which is nearly 50 years old.”

Skytta reported the boat and two mint condition pickup trucks — a 1990 Chevrolet with 40,000 miles and a Ford F-150 with 50,000 miles — stolen from its warehouse on September 14. It was then that Skytta said he was made aware of the break-in at his warehouse. .

Duluth police have since recovered the two trucks, he said. The Chevy was returned to Skytta with broken rear and passenger windows.

“They did a great job,” Skytta said of the police department. “They have an agent working hard to try to fix something that is very wrong.”

Owner Brad Skytta shared a family photo of the 1972 GW Invader that was taken with two pickup trucks from a warehouse on West Superior Street in Duluth. Skytta is offering $5,000 for information leading to the recovery of an intact craft. Contribution / Skytta Family

Police have confirmed details of the burglary.

“Upon arrival, officers spoke to the property manager who said two pickup trucks, two boat trailers, a sewage pump and a speedboat were all stolen,” the Duluth Police Department said in a statement. written statement.

Police said CCTV appeared to show stolen items around 7.20am on September 2.

In addition to a large vacant show building, there are several warehouse buildings on the 1700 block of West Superior Street listed for NorthStar Ford, a company Skytta is associated with as chairman and partner of the Evergreen Group based in Duluth.

Skytta said police have arrested suspects in the crime, but so far it does not appear there have been any charges filed. The News Tribune generally does not identify suspects until they are formally charged.

Surveillance showed the boat was wrapped in an oversized boat cover, Skytta said, suspecting it was to conceal its bright yellow sporty appearance. Skytta called the boat a keepsake and rated its value below the award price.

“I will pay more than anyone else in the world,” he said. “It’s so unique that if you pull up an alley with it, everyone in the neighborhood is going to run and stare at it.”

Duluth police have advised anyone with information to call 911.


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