“Do the hippos swim a butterfly stroke?” “: Video of angry animal chasing tourists’ speedboat goes viral


While seeing wild animals in their natural habitat can be a rewarding and unique experience, getting on the wrong side can quickly become frightening. Something similar happened recently in Zambia, when tourists were chased by a hippo in the water!

Contrary to what most people on social media believed, the animals are neither docile nor gentle but quite aggressive, and the video shot by a man identified as Brandon Reed just proved it. In a video shared by a travel agency on Twitter, the clip began with tourists enjoying a beautiful speedboat ride against a scenic backdrop, while a few hippos were resting in the distance.

However, suddenly one of the animals loaded the boat. Looking restless, the hippo targeted humans in its territory, leaving vacationers terrified. Many on social media expressed shock, saying the heavy animals were so nimble, with many comparing him to a dolphin.

Fortunately, the tourists escaped unscathed and the animal gave up after chasing them for about 200 meters, according to the publication. The shocking incident happened in Livingstone over the weekend. Watch the video here:

Many on social media were surprised to see the huge animal moving at such a high speed, with most saying they didn’t think hippos were scary. Many also mentioned how surprised they were to see the wild animal “swim” so well.

However, many animal experts have explained that the animal cannot swim due to its heavy weight and pushing down the river bed to gain momentum in the water. Many have also pointed out that it is one of the most dangerous animals, believed to kill nearly 500 each year.

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