Danish ferry sets record for trip on just one battery charge


An all-electric passenger ferry capable of carrying 200 passengers and 30 vehicles has set what is expected to be a Guinness World Record for traveling 92 km (50 nautical miles) on a single battery charge.

The 996-gt Ellen (built in 2019), which normally operates on a 40 km route between the southern Danish islands of Aero and Als, set the record at the International Energy Agency conference in this month in Denmark on energy efficiency.

Henrik Hagbarth Mikkelsen, a lecturer at the Marstal Naval Academy in Denmark, who worked on the technical design of the ferry, said: “The 92 km journey on a single battery charge is the longest distance planned for an electric ferry. capable of transporting both passengers and vehicles to date anywhere in the world.

The ferry, which features Editron electric transmissions and propulsion motors supplied by Danfoss, operates at 24% less cost than a new diesel ferry, according to the Danish engineering company.

Danfoss Editron plans to submit the record to Guinness World Records.

“Ellen is a great example of the future of electric transportation,” said Danfoss Editron Vice President Kimmo Rauma. “The electrification of maritime transport is a clear way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Approximately 4.3 billion passengers and 373 million vehicles are transported by ferries worldwide each year.

The ferry, which cost 21 million euros ($22 million) to build, was commissioned by the islands’ municipal government with funding from the European Union Horizon covering more than half the cost.


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