Cruise ship warning as first vessel allowed in WA waters suffers from COVID-19 outbreak in Broome


He said all cases were mild and the cruise went as planned.

“In the current environment, there are widespread cases in the community and we are aware of cases from every shipping operator on every trip over the past few months,” he said.

“There are at least 10 local operators and all have regular cases on board. Passengers are triple vaccinated and pre-screened at the highest level.

Under WA’s new cruise ship rules, signed on April 22, cruise ship operators must submit a statement that they will cover travel and accommodation costs for any COVID-positive or close-contact passengers. who must disembark the ship and self-isolate.

Cruise ships must also have fewer than 350 passengers and crew on board to enter WA.

A WA Health spokesperson said the department was providing health advice to the ship.

“There are strict guidelines in place that outline the infection prevention and control measures that must be followed during disembarkation and transport,” he said.

“No concerns have been raised about the availability of suitable accommodation in Broome.”

WA recorded 6,711 new COVID cases on Tuesday, with 44,304 active cases in the community. Among them, 249 are hospitalized, 11 in intensive care.

Reports that a second cruise ship was preparing to dock in Broome on Tuesday, also carrying positive passengers, were unfounded, with the cruise line confirming no one on board had the virus.

“The small Australian vessel has been sailing to WA since March this year and we have had over 400 guests traveling with us,” the operator said in a statement.

“During this period, only two guests showed up with COVID, and thanks to our strict health protocols, cases were isolated.”


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