Crocodile racing with speedboat in Australia, viral video leaves internet stunned



Animal videos are known to be very popular on the Internet. Among the latest to gain social media attention, users implicate a huge crocodile racing against a speedboat.

The 13-second clip, shot in Australia, shows an adult reptile moving through seawater at astonishing speed in parallel with the boat. The video shows how fast the reptile can be in bodies of water.

It was shot by an Australian named Alec Dunn, who was out at sea looking for crab pots with a friend. Dunn shared the clip on Facebook and has since gone viral.

The clip shows the giant crocodile suddenly emerging from the water and moving aggressively not far from the boat. The post elicited thousands of comments.

Many seem to be learning from the water adventure video. One Facebook user commented, “This is the best example of why I don’t swim, boat, jet ski, fish, jump rocks in their territory, that’s it for them. ” The man is right, it is the territory of the crocodiles.

Another comment read, “What an amazing creature, crazy how fast a big guy like that can move!” I love the Crocs, the last of the dinosaurs and still going strong ”. The person was indeed right to compare the sea crocodile to dinosaurs. It has been scientifically established that crocodiles are more closely related to dinosaurs than other reptiles.

A marine crocodile can be up to seven meters long and weigh up to 1,000 kg. Endowed with extraordinary night vision, these predators generally hunt at night. Although they are strong hunters in the water, they are also comfortable on land. They are typically found in the tropics of Africa, Asia, North and South America and, of course, Australia, where this beast in the video has been sighted.



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