Carnival cruise ship responds to sailboat distress signal


the carnival breeze cruise ship responded to a distress signal during its four-day voyage in the Western Caribbean. The ship assisted the Mexican Navy in a successful salvage operation.

Carnival Breeze Rescue

The Dream class ship was en route to his first port of call in Cozumel, Mexico, when he picked up a distress signal about five nautical miles off course on Tuesday morning. Carnival Cruise Line has confirmed to Cruise Hive that it is a small sailboat named Vinum carp who needed urgent help.

The cruise line said, “Early Tuesday morning, while the ship was en route to Cozumel, Carnival Breeze received a distress signal from a sailing vessel, named ‘Carpe Vinum,’ which was approximately five nautical miles off their course.”

After picking up the signal, the carnival breeze diverted to assist while navigating the Yucatan Channel. The large cruise ship waited near the Carpe Vinum until the Mexican Navy arrived to pick up the passengers from the sailboat.

According to passengers on board the carnival breeze, three people were rescued by the navy from the sailboat, and everyone remained safe. The rescue took place around 3:30 a.m. Carnival said, “After successfully completing the operation, Carnival Breeze proceeded to Cozumel.”

Adjusted itinerary for the Carnival cruise ship

The Carnival cruise ship arrived in Cozumel later Tuesday morning as part of its four-day voyage, which departed Galveston, Texas on May 1. The trip was originally planned to be a five-day cruise and include a visit to Progreso in Mexico. .

The shortened itinerary was due to the Carnival Breeze arriving at the port of Galveston one day later after completing a transatlantic voyage from Dry Dock in Cadiz, Spain. After waiting for the sister ship Carnival Dream leaving the Galveston terminal, carnival breeze finally left again according to the adjusted route.

Carnival Breeze Rescue
Previous Carnival Breeze Rescue (Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)

Cruise ships are often involved in salvage operations in accordance with maritime law. It’s not the first time that carnival breeze took part in a rescue operation. The vessel assisted a sailboat in distress in November 2021 as it returned to Galveston, Texas. The ship took on board three people and two dogs.

More recently, in early April 2022, the sister ship Carnival Magic took part in a rescue operation off the coast of Florida. The ship helped the US Coast Guard rescue a sailor stranded about 69 miles off Port Canaveral.

Carnival Breeze cruise ship

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