Carnival cruise ship makes last call at popular Mexican port


After more than 30 years of cruising, carnival ecstasy arriving in Cozumel for its final stop at the famous Mexican cruise port. The cruise ship first sailed to Cozumel in 1992 on her maiden voyage. That makes this call a fitting farewell for a cruise ship that has created fun-filled vacations for millions of cruisers over the years.

carnival ecstasy departed Mobile, Alabama earlier this week on what will be his final cruise for Carnival Cruise Line. The company is saying goodbye to the Fantasy-class cruise ship, instead focusing on new, more economical cruise ships.

Carnival Ecstasy Docks in Cozumel for the Last Time

On April 2, 1991, carnival ecstasy set off on her maiden voyage, the first cruise of a career that would span 31 years. In that time, the Fantasy-class cruise ship has completed 2,300 cruises, welcoming over 5.5 million passengers on board. Over the years the ship has sailed to hundreds, if not thousands, of different ports, but one of them stands out the most, Cozumel.

Cozumel was one of the first ports that carnival ecstasy visited in April 1991, and now, on the last cruise of an illustrious career sailing for Carnival Cruise Line, she has returned one last time. Carnival brand ambassador John Heald remembers the call well, as he was on board as cruise director.

Photo credit: Melissa Mayntz

John Heald: “So Cozumel, it’s only fitting that the ship would stop here on its last voyage with guests, as it also stopped here on its inaugural cruise season. Back when I was a cruise director here.

“Sitting here now in 2022, memories of my time here in the early 90s are resurfacing. At that time the ships stayed until 2 am and after I was done hosting the Mexican folk show in the main lounge. My buddies and I would rush ashore, hop in a taxi, and pay $1 a person to go to a club called Neptunos where admission was free for the entire crew, and Corona beer was 50 cents a bottle.

The story perfectly illustrates the relationship the ship, crew and passengers have developed with Cozumel over the years. At the time, Carnival Cruise Line had only 16 ships (including Holland America Line and Windstar), carnival ecstasy was brand new, and Cozumel had not yet become the popular cruise port it’s today.

Carnival Souvenirs in Cozumel

Since 1991, Carnival Corporation has grown into a company that at one time owned more than 100 cruise ships, with carnival ecstasy conscientiously sailing its cruises, ensuring that guests have a fun vacation on board.

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Although a lot has changed since that time, some things have remained the same. John Heald recalls in a post on his Facebook page how customers left towels in Cozumel taxis, most of which have been there for many years and even remain in taxis today:

“One thing that so many Cozumel taxis have in common is the seat covers, as the plastic vinyl on so many of these cars was replaced by old fashioned Carnival towels……. circa the early 1990’s . »

“Now these were given to guests to go ashore and use them at the beach, and remember, there was no charge if they didn’t bring them back. There was no inventory at the time. I can’t imagine how much money we wasted on beach towels back then, because a lot of those pale blue towels are still in the cabs of Cozumel.

Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship
Photo credit: Melissa Mayntz

Leaving towels behind even caused Carnival Cruise Line to implement a $22 towel fee, likely due to too many Margaritas on Cozumel beach.

In many ways, it’s sad to say goodbye to a ship that has made millions of passengers happy over the years. But Carnival, as a company, needs to relaunch its fleet if it wants to compete. This means removing older ships, such as Carnival ecstasy, and replacing them with newer ships, such as Carnival Celebration.

carnival ecstasyThe ship’s final cruise will sail to Progreso, Mexico tomorrow and return to Mobile, Alabama on October 15. It is unclear whether or not it is heading to one of the shipbreaking yards to be broken up for scrap.

However, Carnival seems unlikely to sell carnival ecstasyconsidering that it has previously scrapped three other Fantasy-class ships: Fantasy CarnivalCarnival Inspirationand Fantasy Carnival.

Carnival cruise ship in Cozumel

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